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We believe that our solutions need to be materialized with strength and quality. That is why we control 100 % of the manufacturing and assembly process of our machines, both in our workshops and in those which, due to space or process reasons, we decide to subcontract.

The achievement of the ISO 9001 certification in 2001 from Lloyd ́s Register Quality Assurance includes both the design and the manufacture, the installation and the technical assistance service of our teams.

The addition of the AENOR certification in December 2009 to our total quality system, according to the X annex of the 2006/42/CE Machine Guideline, allows us to design, manufacture and install machines for works in heights above three meters, with no need for AENOR (notified organ) to carry out a unitary certification. We also certify machines to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, according to the 94/9/CE ATEX Guideline.

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Download certification