Lifting platforms

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We design elevating platforms for works on heights, to overcome slopes and to load and unload trucks. The aeronautic, the eolian and the nuclear sectors use our custom-made elevating platforms, in order for the operators to work ergonomically and safely. In the design of the platforms, we take into account the works to be carried out, as well as the position of the operator regarding the piece or the tool. The rails and the removable balconies are designed according to the machine guidelines. Our certificate of approval backs us up. Our elevating platforms can be manufactured according to the ATEX 94/9/CE equipment guideline (machinery to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres). They also connect 2 or more fixed levels for the access of elevating wheelbarrows, carts, pallet trucks, etc., lifting of loads to mezzanines, equipment for stages, etc. Besides, they allow to lift and drop full trucks and vans to load and unload them in the absence of platforms, also compensating the various heights of the transportation vehicles.