Safety, ergonomics
and productivity



In 2009, the eolian industry generated around 2 % of the world electricity consumption. That percentage is increasing. In Spain, it has reached 50 % in production peaks.

Wind turbines are very big elements. Currently, they are installing eolian parks in the sea (offshore). Their blades reach almost 200 meters in their highest point, on the surface of the mast. In the manufacture of the blades, the rotors and the multipliers, the manipulation of very big and heavy pieces and works in heights are required.

The Eyher elevating platforms allow the access of the operators to the whole perimeter of the blades ergonomically and safely, due to the adapted designs of profiles, removable balconies and telescopic rails.

Our motorized carts are used both to move the blades from a process to another, and to carry multipliers to dimensional control booths.

We manufacture tumblers that can flip the multipliers in their production process.

Finally, our engineering service can integrate our equipments with conveyor belts for “turnkey” projects.