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Iron and steel and smelting

Iron and steel and smelting

Galvanized steels that have been treated with zinc for a greater resistance to the corrosion. These are used in the construction and car industries, and are transported in up to 30 t coils.

Our clients in the iron and steel industry use our solutions and products, both for the movement of coils and for works in heights to manufacture big pieces of steel.

Integrating engineering with projects in sheet coating and steel transformation plants need motorized carts with elevation to load and unload reels.

In such cases, our motorized carts are integrated in the electric maneuver of the line.

We are capable of designing and manufacturing custom-made dump trucks, which are put in transporting wagons to carry our the 90° dumping, making the most of the periods of inactivity in transportation.

Our Certificate of Approval allows us to design and manufacture platforms, with no harmonized regulations, as the operators leave them in a high position to work on casting boxes, for which we integrate rails and approved life lines.

In smelting, our elevating tables lift hoppers and oven supplying vibrators. Besides, we can lift and flip the bucket with the medium to cast the pieces.