Safety, ergonomics
and productivity



The emission of greenhouse effect gases (GEG), recycling and the reuse of garbage, as fuel or as a new raw material, are very important matters nowadays.

Trying to avoid such a direct impact in the streets, minimizing the coming and going of trucks at the same time, which emit noises and gases, we are looking for alternative ways to process and recycle garbage.

These solutions include burying the garbage collection and transporting through pneumatic means to big containers that collect the garbage.

Logically, those containers must be brought out to the surface to send them to dumps and recycling centres.

That is where our elevating platforms are designed according to the location and the size of the containers and their distance to the surface. Those elevating platforms must be prepared to be in the open in some cases, as the top is not always protected with a shed, and they might need the galvanizing and protection of their electric pieces.