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Food sector

Safety, ergonomics and productivity.

Industrial machinery for the food sector

The food industry handles food, stores it and its raw materials, prepares it, packs it and preserves it. Terms such as productivity and ergonomics are also very important within the food sector.
Our products and solutions are applied within this sector in packaging processes, product movement and even in the internal logistics of animals on farms or slaughterhouses, for example:
  • Our dumpers unload bulk from their containers onto conveyor belts.
  • We can handle Big Bags with bulk products with motorized elevators and roller conveyors to facilitate their movement between plants.
  • Lifting tables are a basic element in palletizing jobs, making them more ergonomic.
  • The lifting platforms facilitate the unloading of animal trucks and allow their distribution between plants.
  • In internal logistics and truck loading, our ramps and trailers provide flexibility, speed and safety. In addition, we can transport refrigerated containers between ships with our AGV trucks, through rails or with free movement.

Custom machinery for the food sector

At Eyher, we design, manufacture and install customized machinery for the food sector, so that it meets the specific needs of each client. Thanks to our more than 65 years of experience in sectors such as food, we can provide a solution to all needs.

Transport Big Bags

Transport of pallets with big bags of raw material between floors within the production process, storage, or roller path buffer.
It is a solution for the transport of raw material (cereals, feed, rejects, etc. ) stored in big bags on pallets .


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