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Industrial trailers

Transport of loads from 5 to 100 tons with a hook adapted to the forklift model and optional inertia brake, signaling and load support surface.


Technical sheet
  • Load: load capacity up to 300 t.
  • Dimensions: from 2000 x 1000 mm to 10000 x 3000 mm
  • Optional: brake, V-shaped cradle for coils, rear hitch to form trains, folding cartolas, awning, etc.
  • Wheels: elastic solid wheels.

At Eyher we offer robust industrial trailers and semi-trailers that require minimal maintenance. The surface of the heavy load trailers can vary and be metallic, rubber or wood and have wedges or tools for transporting coils or special loads.


Heavy load trailers

Industrial trailers can also include disc or inertia brakes, be automatically connected to the forklift hitch or have position and direction lights.

In addition, they have various turning possibilities and accessories depending on the type of load to be transported, available turning spaces and condition of the pavement.

Tailor-made industrial trailers

At Eyher we design and manufacture customized industrial trailers based on each need, sizing the frame and the number and size of the wheels based on the weight of the load to be transported and the necessary turning radius.



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