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Industrial turntables

They allow the rotation of the load to work at different angles of the same or the change of lanes of load transport equipment.


Technical sheet
  • Frame: frame of welded rolled profiles.
  • Load: up to 50 tons
  • Drive: by motor-reducer-brake, pinions and chains.
  • Wheels: wheels for rotation mounted on bearings.
  • Support: central support with bearings.
  • Maneuver: electrical in a cabinet with a lockable general switch with the possibility of progressive starting by means of a variator.
  • Pin: motorized pin system using a double-acting pneumatic cylinder for rotating platform locking.
Our industrial turntables allow quick change of containers to reduce times, track changes of railway wagons or forklifts for internal cargo transport.
In manufacturing processes, while operations are being carried out on one container, the forklift places the next one on the turntable. At the end of the work with the first container, the platform turns 180º to bring the second container closer and continue the work cycle.

Turntables in both directions

Our designs allow the platform to rotate 90º, 180º and up to 360º degrees in both directions, and at pre-designed speeds based on the needs of our customers.

In addition, our turntables can be pit-mounted and with both an internal and external motor, so they can be adjusted to suit all needs.

Custom turntables

At Eyher all our turntables are customized made. For this reason, we participate in the design, manufacture, installation, and after-sales service of each client to adjust to their needs.


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