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Scissor Lifting platform

Lifting loads with one or more scissors depending on the necessary lifting stroke, the dimensions of the load or the work to be done on it.


Technical sheet
  • Scissor type: single, double or triple scissor platforms or in-line scissors.
  • Reservoir: with a hydraulic reservoir and one or more hydraulic motors.
  • Management: with electric maneuver or with programmable PLC.
  • Load: batteries or connected to the network.
At Eyher we specify, design and manufacture scissor lifting platforms to guarantee the lifting of people and production materials efficiently and safely, taking into account the most restrictive European design regulations.

Hydraulic Lifting platforms

Scissor lifts operated by hydraulic cylinders, with fall control system according to EN 280 and load control according to EN 280 and performance level “d”. Electromechanical interlocks on doors and railings in case of boarding people. Emergency lowering without voltage to rescue people in case of power failure.

Custom hydraulic and scissor lift platforms

Eyher offers custom scissor lifting platform specification, design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service capabilities, according to the needs of each client, based on its extensive multi-sector experience, but where the applications are repeated and the knowledge after 65 Years of history can be used.


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