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Industrial Lifting platforms

Lifting of large loads or work at height that require a detailed study of the need, the risks, and the necessary connections to carry out the productive activity.


Technical sheet
  • Lifting stroke: 1m – 15m
  • Load capacity: 200 kg – 200 t.
  • Worked at height: For work at height with doors, railings and balconies or for lifting loads, adapted to your application.
  • Installation: installed separately or as part of a complete installation of computers that work together.
  • Control: electrical maneuver or PLC programmable and integrated in a work station.
  • Charge: to the network or with batteries.
  • Other options: Hydraulic scissor or electromechanical with spindle, chains, rack pinion, etc.
Lifting machines,are ideal for sectors such as aeronautics, wind power and aeronautics, which use our tailor-made articulated lifting platforms for lifting large loads or for their operators to work ergonomically and safely. In the design of hydraulic lifters, the work to be carried out and the position of the operator with respect to the part or tool are considered.

Loading and unloading lifting platforms

At Eyher we design lifting platforms for work at height, overcoming unevenness and loading and unloading of trucks. In addition, the railings and removable balconies are designed in accordance with the machinery directive. Our certificate of conformity endorses us for this.
Our electric or hydraulic lifting platforms can be manufactured in accordance with the ATEX Equipment Directive 94/9/CE (machinery for use in potentially explosive atmospheres). They also link between 2 or more fixed levels for access by forklift trucks, trolleys, pallet jacks, lifting loads to mezzanines, stage equipment, etc.

Tailor-made lifting platforms

The loading and unloading lifting platforms are designed based on the load to be lifted, the available space and the destination of said application.

They can be a piece of equipment or form part of a more complex installation (for example, in combination with vibrating hoppers for loading furnaces). They can be controlled by electrical maneuver, PLC and ship the EyherBox for remote control and checking.

Eyher offers specification, design, manufacturing, installation, and post-sales service capabilities customized to the needs of each client, based on its extensive multisectoral experience, but where applications are repeated and knowledge from 65 years of history can be used.

In addition, by obtaining the Certificate of Conformity, we carry out the technical file of the platforms, even for work at height, where there is no harmonized standard and must be reviewed by a notified body.

Industrial uses of tail lifts

/ Truck loading and unloading platform
To optimize the loading/unloading times of the trucks since they do not have a loading dock, lifting platforms can be used to lower complete trucks of up to 50 t, so that the bed of the truck is at ground level and the operations are facilitated. loading/unloading tasks. The platform has interlocking latches so that in the high position it stays fixed and acts as a walkable floor. Motorized retractable handrails are installed around the platform to prevent falling into the pit when the lifting platform is not in the high position.
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