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Electric lifting platform

Lifting of large loads by electromechanical drive.


Technical sheet
  • Drive: platforms driven by spindle, serapid, spirolift, chains or rack and pinion.
  • Management: electrically operated or with programmable PLC.
  • Load: battery powered or mains connected.

At Eyher we specify, design and manufacture oil-free electric platform lifts for clean room applications or those requiring precision work and/or intensive use not achievable with hydraulic configurations.


Electric platforms for working at heights

Eyher’s electric elevating platforms are electromechanically driven platforms with fall control system s/EN 280 and Load Control System (Overload Detection at any point of the lifting stroke of 120% of the Rated Load) of Category 3 s/EN 954-1.

In addition, our electric platforms for working at heights are equipped with electromechanical interlocks on doors and handrails in the event of people boarding, as well as de-energized emergency lowering for rescuing people in the event of power failure.

Electric lifting platform tailor made

Eyher offers specification, design, manufacturing and installation capabilities of customized electric platform lifts, as well as after-sales service customized to the needs of each customer, based on its extensive multi-sector experience, but where applications are repeatable and the knowledge after 65 years of history can be leveraged.


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