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Lifting platform for trucks

Descent and elevation of the truck for loading and unloading.


Technical sheet
  • Load capacity: 45.000 kg.
  • Platform dimensions (C x D-mm): 7.500 x 3.000
  • Platform positioning: embedded in pit
  • Position of the electrical maneuver: attached to the hydraulic unit
  • EC Declaration of Accordance
Eyher offers the possibility of installing truck lifts as an alternative to loading docks and in reduced maneuvering spaces. In this way, the trailer trucks can descend completely and place the load at ground level for unloading with a manual or electric pallet truck.

Truck lifting platform

Truck lifts allow trucks to be lowered to facilitate loading and unloading, allowing rear access with trolleys, forklifts, pallet trucks and overhead cranes.
Our truck lifting platforms have a system of fixed and mobile railings to be placed around the entire perimeter, covering all (4 sides) of pit 1 and partially (3 sides) of pit 2. Necessary for certification of the installation/machine.

Tailor-made truck lifts

Eyher offers capabilities for the specification, design, manufacture, and installation of custom-made truck lifts, as well as personalized after-sales service according to the needs of each need. We study each location, type of load, truck or trucks and offer the solution that best suits the need.
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