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Container tippers

Unloading of containers in production processes.


Technical sheet
  • Frame of profiles: frame of welded rolled profiles.
  • Drives: various types of hydraulic and electromechanical drives. Charge maintenance in case of power outage. Descent regulator at constant speed. Blocking system in case of breakage of hydraulic pipes.
  • Electrical control: electrical control according to EN 60204-1 in a cabinet with a main switch that can be locked with a padlock. Start and stop buttons, magneto-thermal circuit breaker, etc. and man present up-down pushbuttons.
  • Suitable for containers at ground level: suitable for loading-unloading of containers at ground level by rolling, with a pallet truck, stacker and forklift (not with a crane).
  • Fixing: fixed stop on the container carrier to prevent the containers from falling.
  • Closures: two side protection closures. height approx. (I): 2500 mm
  • Single swing door: a single swing door (one leaf) on the loading side. With electro-mechanical interlock that allows the equipment to function only if the door is closed, and allows the door to be opened only if the container holder is in the minimum position. Door presence micro (redundant signal).

At Eyher we specify, design and manufacture container dumpers in industrial processes where the load transported by said containers is required to be dumped in the next process.


Container dumping machinery

Container tippers or skips EYHER stone dumpers allow the load to be dumped, initially ensuring the positioning of the container in a safe manner for the operator, thus preventing untimely rises in the positioning process, to later raise the load preventing the container from moving, finally carrying out the overturning of the container at the speed and degrees necessary for the load to be directed to the next process through vibrating hoppers or conveyor belts, with which the equipment can be integrated.

It can include, among other elements, a weighing system to know the container load at all times, in addition to the fact that the equipment is calibrated to avoid overloading.

Medium container tippers

Eyher offers capabilities for the specification, design, manufacture and installation of customized container tippers , as well as personalized post-sale service according to the needs of each client, based on its extensive multi-sector experience, but where the applications are repeated and the knowledge after 65 years. of history can be taken advantage of.



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