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Truck ramps

Fixed or mobile and adapted to the height of the load.


Technical sheet
  • Total length approx (mm): 7.000
  • Useful internal width (mm): 11.000
  • External width (mm): 2.240
  • Side protection height (mm): 300
  • Maximum working height (mm): 890 – 1.680
  • Frame of rolled profiles: welded.
  • Rolling surface: rolling surface for metal mesh forklifts guaranteeing traction in all weather conditions.
  • Elevation system: elevation by manual hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, etc.
At Eyher we specify, design and manufacture ramps for trucks and containers in industrial logistics processes to facilitate their loading and unloading when there is no loading dock that gives access to the truck bed or the container it transports.

Truck loading and unloading ramps

EYHER truck loading and unloading ramps facilitate the process quickly and, above all, safely for the company’s logistics personnel.

With the help of a manual or motorized hydraulic pump, the mobile ramp is raised to working height to rest on the edge of the truck or container. Subsequently, the ramp is additionally fixed to the truck with a chain and a hook. In this position, the hydraulic ramp is ready to work.

The side fence is 30 cm high to provide safe movement of the forklift.

The galvanized grid surface ensures good adhesion of the wheels to the surface, which provides the opportunity to use the ramp in all weather conditions. In addition, it protects the metal from the formation of destructive processes.

The ramp has wheels that allow it to be moved around the warehouse with a forklift, for which it is adapted.

Custom truck loading ramps

Eyher offers capabilities for the specification, design, manufacture and installation of customized truck loading and unloading ramps, according to the needs of each client, based on its extensive multi-sector experience, but where the applications are repeated and the knowledge after 65 years of history. can be taken advantage of.



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