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Rail Drop platform

It allows disassembling or replacing elements located under the train by lowering the section of track, leaving it completely underground.


Technical sheet
  • Maximum lifting capacity of the table: up to 12 t
  • Interrupted track length: up to 6m
  • Maximum lifting stroke: 1.200 mm – 3.000 mm
  • Table lifting speed: 0,30 m/min
  • Power of the hydraulic group: from 1,5 kW
  • Maximum installed power: from 10 kW

The Rail Drop platform is a equipment installed on a section of elevated rail , which descends to allow operators to maintain and check the bottom of the railway unit.

When it is necessary to dismantle or replace elements located under the box, the rail drop descends, remaining completely underground, so that access to said elements is completely free.


Railway Drop platforms

The Rail Drop can mount a motorized trolley in its lower part for the handling and replacement of heavy elements from the bottom of the trains.

Another option is the use of autonomous motorized cars, with elevation, with which we can access the bottom of the trains for said manipulation or substitution.

Tailor-made Rail Drop system

Eyher analyzes the dimensions of the necessary rail and the available space and can propose the Rail Drop that best suits the need . In addition, it can incorporate elements for the maintenance of the elements that are located in the basement of the railway unit for their change or maintenance, such as lifting tables with or without translation movements.



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