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Industrial Elevators

Hydraulic or electromechanical for special needs in industrial buildings with characteristics that require a customized solution.


Technical sheet

Load: Up to 40.000kg

Dimensions: as specified

Lifting stroke: Up to 10.000 (A-mm)

Minimum height: 500- 1.200 (B-mm)

Options: Hydraulic, electromechanical, simple and double scissors.

Lifting system: By means of scissors activated by a complete electro-hydraulic group, with electric motor (IP-55), pump, tank, solenoid valves, etc.

Our industrial elevators, screw or scissor (hydraulic elevators), allow to adapt to the available space , and to concrete or metal structures, since they are platforms that have their own gantries that support the entire lifting structure.

Industrial uses of industrial elevators

/ Transport Big Bags

Within the production process, industrial elevators can be used to lift pallets with big-bags of raw material from the lower floor of the plant to an upper floor.

To do this, with the help of a chain elevator, pallets with big-bags are passed from one floor to another and a roller path buffer on each floor to be able to store up to 3 pallets and, in this way, optimize cycle times.