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Nuclear industry

Safety, ergonomics and productivity

Industrial machinery for the nuclear sector

The operation of a nuclear power plant is very similar to that of any thermal power plant, with the peculiarity that the security and control measures are much stricter due to the fuel used.

In the manufacture of steam generators, reactor vessels, reactor supports, fuel containers or heat exchangers, the handling of large parts and access to them in an ergonomic and safe way are required. In some cases, even for the maintenance of equipment in nuclear plants, it may be necessary to place transportable equipment to carry out, for example, the turning of fuel containers of up to 60 tons, for recharging or maintenance.

For this reason, at Eyher we have designed and manufactured large lifting platforms for work in clean room by placing refrigeration tubes in large exchangers.

In addition, our motorized carts allow the movement of components inside the plant in areas that are difficult to access by means of cranes.

Customized machinery for the nuclear sector

At Eyher, we design and manufacture customized products. So, if you are looking for customized machinery for the nuclear sector, we can help you.


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