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Hydraulic Lifting tables

Lifting of loads by means of scissors and hydraulic cylinders activated by a group adapted to the needs of load and cycle speed.


Technical sheet

Lifting system: by means of scissors activated by a complete electro-hydraulic group.

Scissors: Simple, double o triple.

Load capacity: 20 kg – 50 t

Lifting stroke: 1m – 15m.

Management: electrical maneuver and keypad, or PLC programmable and integrated into general control.

Blocking system: blocking system for the lowering of the table in the event of a break in the hydraulic pipes.

Others: stop safety frame, blocking bars for maintenance, cylinders with durochrome rod, joints with self-lubricating bearings and lifting and lowering limit switch.

At Eyher we specify, design, and manufacture hydraulic lifting tables, combining the mechanical and hydraulic design to create the hydraulic scheme that best suits each need in terms of the number of cylinders, hydraulic fittings, length and location of hoses, tank and motorization.