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Automotive industry

Safety, ergonomics and productivity.

Industrial machinery for the automotive sector

The automobile industry deals with the design, development, manufacture, assembly, marketing and sale of automobiles. Approximately 80 million motor, commercial and passenger cars were produced in 2019.

Both for car manufacturing and for the auxiliary industry, our range of products offers guaranteed solutions , even in the intensive use that a production line requires. Eyher lifting tables are integrated into the assembly line, for the elevation of the chassis. Our motorized cars transport dies up to 80 Tons between presses or between the presses and the warehouse. Eyher tailor-made turners allow the stamping dies to be maneuvered for modification and maintenance.

Lastly, we have developed a die storage solution that responds to the great space, safety and handling problems that stamping companies encounter when it comes to storing dies.

Custom machinery for the automotive sector

All our solutions in machinery for the automotive sector are made to measure, depending on the needs of the client. In addition, they have remote connectivity and can be integrated into the control of more complete installations, as well as record operating data in the cloud.

Tool change and storage

Eyher has designed and implemented a system that allows the storage and handling of dies in an efficient and safe way, studying the available space and the best way to install the warehouse and the flow of dies to the presses. In addition, shelves can be installed next to the press to act as a lung for the press, where the dies for the next change are located, reducing the time to change dies. Our team will take care of loading and unloading the racking and the press quickly and safely.


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