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Loading ramps

For loading and unloading trucks or vans.


Technical sheet

Wheels: wheels with polyurethane tread (Vulkolan).

Height: height adjustment from 950 to 1,600 mm.

Non-slip and anti-rust: non-slip galvanized grid floor. Structure finished with antirust preparation.

Raising and lowering: by means of a manually operated hydraulic pump with limiting valve. Optional with electrohydraulic group.

Safety chains:  galvanized steel safety chains for tying to the truck, with 2 hooks and safety latches.

Safety legs: height adjustable and foldable for transporting the ramp.

Hitch rudder: hitch rudder for towing by forklift.

Upper lip of the ramp: upper lip of the ramp with adjustment to the cab of the truck and frontal to the pavement.

Tread: interchangeable tread to increase its useful life.

Truck loading and unloading ramps allow the movement of goods between cargo vehicles and warehouses or industrial buildings. They facilitate loading and unloading quickly and comfortably and, above all, safely for the operators.