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Load tippers

To turn containers in height during the industrial process on conveyor belts, containers, ovens, or vibrating hoppers.


Technical sheet

Capacities: 250 a 3000 kg.

Tipping height: 600 a 7000 mm.

Tipping angle: 140º.

Tipper: tip height up to 1500 mm.

Elevator-tipper: tipping height from 1500 mm.

Dump baskets with side locks and security door.

A dump truck is an electro-welded structure calculated to withstand the necessary working conditions depending on the load to be dumped and the dump height.

By means of an electromechanical or hydraulic drive, the container is raised, which is guided to carry out the overturning at the necessary height and degrees.

Specific industrial uses

/ Container and basket tipper

One of the most common industrial uses for dumpers is to dump containers and baskets onto another container, which can be a vibrating hopper, an industrial oven or a conveyor.

For this, Eyher’s electromechanical or electrohydraulic dumpers for emptying containers and/or baskets can be a solution. The dumper can simply have a tipping movement (tipping height ≤ 1,600 mm) or lifting + tipping movements (tipping height > 1,600 mm).