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Train maintenance platforms

Access to the sides or the top of the trains in a safe way depending on the different heights and the work to be carried out (change of windows, access to the air conditioning installation, etc.)


Technical sheet
  • Altura: fija o regulable.
  • Acceso: varias opciones de acceso en forma de escaleras, elevadores o rampas, también en el interior y con compuerta de acceso.
  • Protección: cassettes de descarga y acolchado protector.
  • Grúa: con grúa de columna giratoria para facilitar el izado y descenso del material.
  • Barandillas: diversas opciones de barandilla, como barrotes fijos o ajustables en altura, barandillas plegables y protecciones anticaídas.
Our train maintenance platforms are designed for safe access for maintenance operators to the side and top of trains, providing access to all areas without obstructing passage at ground level.


Our system can be adjusted to the ceiling, wall or upper structure of the workshop and we have a certificate of conformity that authorizes us to design these platforms following the regulations, introducing the elements that we consider appropriate for the correct and safe handling and work to be carried out.

Work platforms for trains

The train maintenance platforms have a mechanical and electrical lock for access to the doors, safety sensors and control to prevent operating with the power line activated, as well as mechanical control for descent.

In addition, we offer various varieties of maintenance platforms, depending on the needs of each client, such as fixed platforms, height-adjustable liftable platforms and platforms suspended on rails, which have:

  • Lifting system by means of a simple two-stage mast activated electro-mechanically by cable.
  • Anti-collision system.
  • Load control system at performance level PL “d”.
  • Motorized translation on 2 suspended rails.
  • Shaft-rack pinion translation, front approach to the train.

Customized train maintenance platforms

At Eyher we manufacture customized train maintenance platforms for each client based on our extensive experience in the railway sector, where the needs are recurrent, and we can take advantage of the knowledge acquired in solutions and certification.
In addition to design and manufacturing, we take care of the installation of the train platforms, as well as the subsequent personalized after-sales service.



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