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Welding positioner

Equipment to facilitate the positioning of the load in height and orientation for manual or automatic welding work.


Technical sheet
  • Elevation: Ball screws according to DIN 68051 standard.
  • Support : load support device with 2 nuts per spindle.
  • Rotation: turning movement, electro-mechanical rotation on the vertical axis by means of a slewing ring.
  • Accessories: useful with supports and flanges.
  • Movement: 0-90º electromechanical tilting movement on the horizontal axis.
  • Electrical operation: according to EN 60204-1.
  • Protection: linear guide anti-entrapment protection

We design and manufacture welding positioners adapted to the piece and type of welding to be carried out. Welding times can be reduced by placing the workpiece in a positioner during welding, which can be done with the joint lying horizontally instead of vertically.


Welding positioner

The process of welding in the proper position improves the quality of welds, since it is much easier for the welder to carry out the work safely. The open arc (on) time factor also increases when welding in a positioner, especially when working with large and heavy parts.

In addition, we have various types of welding positioners, such as vertical, one, two and three axis, rotary, axial, hydraulic and electromechanical.

Custom welding positioner

At Eyher, all our welding positioners are customized made. For this reason, we participate in the entire process of design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service for each client, to adjust as much as possible to their needs.


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